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Goodline Auto Parts Warranty

  1. GOODLINE AUTO PARTS offer different types of warranties based on the product/part. Every part has a different warranty. Point number 1,2 and 3 cover the warranty details below.
  2. Some parts do not have any warranty. They are sold AS IS, WHERE IS with no warranties or returns.
  3. Some parts have a 10% restocking fee applied when they are returned.
  4. Some parts are sold on exchange or store credit for 60 days. No cash refunds.
  5. Warranty does not cover improper installation, failure due to accident, misuse, modification, electrical issues or any damages.
  6. Warranty does not cover physical injuries, property damage, loss of time, loss of revenue, inconvenience, transportation, delivery, towing or accommodations resulting from the failure of the part.
  7. Delivery charges are not included in the warranty for any parts.
  8. GOODLINE AUTO PARTS or VAPARI INC. do not assume, express or imply any liability of any kind.
  9. Warranty is void if identification marks/stickers on the parts are removed.

Tires & Rims:

All tires and/or rims, new or used, are sold AS IS, WHERE IS. No warranties, guarantees, return or refund.

Engines & Transmissions

All engines and transmissions comes with a 30-day warranty from the date of purchase. For all engines and transmissions, GOODLINE AUTO PARTS will refund the total amount MINUS 10% restocking fee. For example: If the total after-tax price of an engine or transmission is $100, customer will get a refund of $90.

All engines and transmissions sold are tested and are in good working condition. In engines, only the engine block, engine head, crankshaft and valve train are covered under the warranty. Other parts and components such as manifolds, pumps, mounts and distributor etc. are only left on for customer convenience and are not covered under warranty. Oil, fluids and coolants are drained, they must be replaced by the customer

All Other Parts

All other parts (other than tires, rims, engines and/or transmissions), are sold on exchange or store credit for 60 days. No cash refunds. A store credit slip/paper will be issued to a customer with details such as credit amount, expiry date, terms and conditions etc.

Other parts include but are not limited to: struts, axles, headlights, alternators, radiators, starters, bumpers, fenders, hoods, trunks or car batteries etc.